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DeadFire are a hard rocking, riff slinging 4 piece from Aberdeen Scotland.

Formed in 2012 the band have grown and matured into a high energy , well oiled gigging machine. Main protagonist and one of the bands founding members, Charlie commands the stage at every show with his sheer presence and rich, yet rough rock vocals. Behind him sits Tunk, the second founding member of the band, on drums keeping the band together with solid and groovy drum beats. DeadFire have seen the faces of a few bassists and guitarists over the years, but in recent times we have found our structure with newcomers Boothy on bass and Rich on guitar. Boothy was the first to join out of the two and quickly infused his influences and hippy, zen like calm into the DeadFire mix. Last to join was Rich, who joined DeadFire just as lockdowns began to lift in 2021, bringing a sleazy rock swagger back into DeadFire and instantly became a driving force for the mentality of DeadFire going forward.

DeadFire got the backing from local record label Fat Hippy Records in 2015 and have released 1 album, a single and an EP over the 6 year relationship with them.

The first album released was DeadFires self titled album and was released way back in 2013. At the time, the band consisted of Charlie (Vocals), Tunk (Drums), Gordon (Guitar) and Rich (Bass). Recorded at The Mill studio and produced by Niall Matheson. The album saw great widespread success with songs such as ‘War’ and ‘Mind on The Kill' featuring on the film Redwood Massacre and a copy of the album was even bought by Phil Campbell of Motorhead.

In 2015 DeadFire released their 2nd studio album ‘Hounds of Justice’. Following the departure of Rich on bass, Goat took the mantle of bass player and recorded the album with Charlie, Tunk and Gordon and appearance from Pete from The Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band, laying down the harmonica in the track ’59’.

In 2017, frontman Charlie departed the band and was replaced by Magenta on vocals. During this period, DeadFire released their single ‘Triggermortis’. With Magenta at the helm.

Roll on to 2019, Charlie and Tunk got the itch to reignite the fire and reformed DeadFire with new members Boothy on bass and Jonny on guitar. In 2020 they released their first EP in 3 years called ‘My Mind Belongs To The Devil’. The came with big success with songs ‘Call From The Void’ featuring in the film Redwood Massacre: Annihilation and ‘Mary Jane’ featuring in the film ‘Army of One’. Unfortunately though, due to the worldwide spread of Covid-19, promotion for the EP ground to a halt, along with the band and the world...

After a year and a half in lockdown, DeadFire were ready to go at it again, but with new guitarist Rich as Jonny had left throughout the lockdown.

Over the years, DeadFire have achieved some amazing gigging heights. From touring Europe, reaching the finals of Metal to the Masses, to supporting Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Hawkwind and Sham69. DeadFire are now in preparation for a big 2022 where they will celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

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Influences: Nirvana, Motorhead, Misfits




Influences: AC/DC, Slash, Blues




Influences - AC/DC, Therapy?, The Cult, Rage Against The Machine




Influences: Seattle Grunge, Black Sabbath, Wyld Stallyns